Trade Show Models Art Basel Miami Bally Love # 2

Trade Show Models Art Basel Miami Bally Love # 2

Trade Show Models Art Basel Miami Bally Continues Successful Partnership with Art Basel and Art Basel Miami Beach

Bally is pleased to announce the continuation of its partnership with Art Basel and Art Basel Miami

Beach, which started during Art 41 Basel in 2010 when BallyLove #1 was launched. It continued with

a BallyLove launch party and a pop-up store during Art Basel Miami Beach 2010. And at Art 42 Basel

in June 2011 Bally announced its collaboration with renowned Swiss-artist Olaf Breuning for

BallyLove – iconic editions #2.

As both Bally and Art Basel share a Swiss heritage, there is a natural synergy to this partnership.

Bally announces BALLYLove #2

BallyLove is a collection of pieces including shoes, accessories and ready-to-wear, designed by an

internationally recognised artist from the field of contemporary art in partnership with Bally’s

Creative Directors, Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler. In-line with Bally’s philosophy of innovative

design and craftsmanship excellence, this special capsule collection is powered by love and

dedication to fashion, art and creativity. New York-based Swiss artist Olaf Breuning was the chosen

artist for BallyLove #2.

2011 BALLYLove – iconic editions #2 – Olaf Breuning

Olaf Breuning was born in Switzerland in 1970 but has been based in New York for over 10 years.

Known for his fearless humorous and strangely provocative art, he likes to ask existential questions

that come from daily life. Imagine a small forest of 11 pedestals each supporting the word “focus“

– yet making it impossible to do so. As a multimedia artist working in video, sculpture, photography

and installations of various scales, Breuning prefers to imbue his work with a playful, almost homemade

appeal as if to downplay his role as creating artist. The New York Times critic Roberta Smith

has called him the “joking sculptor“.

Inspired by vintage Bally posters which reminded Olaf Breuning of his own 2010 “Marilyns“ project,

he began the process by creating a special inspiration image for Bally, which was presented for the

first time in the Art Collectors Lounge at Art 42 Basel in June. The artist covered five models with

white paint and fitted them with wigs, shoes, gloves and handbags all made of masking tape which

he then painted in vibrant Bally spring colours. The models were then placed side-by-side and

photographed in his studio in front of a black background. This portrait became the starting point

for the BallyLove #2 Collection.

Using this image as inspiration, Bally’s Creative Directors Graeme Fidler and Michael Herz then

partnered with Breuning to design the actual BallyLove #2 Collection. Their approach was to

combine Bally’s iconic colors with Breuning’s signature humorous approach to create the pieces.

The BallyLove #2 Collection will launch at the Art Collectors Lounge at the 10th edition of Art Basel

Miami Beach in December 2011. The collection includes a pair of women’s ballerinas, a pair of

men’s loafers, totes, handbags, a messenger bag, scarves and other accessories. Additionally,

Breuning has created a series of still lifes to reveal the collection during Art Basel Miami Beach 2011

at Bally’s space in the Art Collectors Lounge.