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Booking Trade Show Models with Model Machine is a custom turnkey experience for Global brands, agencies and local businesses looking to book the very best trade show models at reasonable prices. Model Machine represents the top 1% of 1% of male and female trade show models throughout the United States and Canada. We are the only trade show modeling agency to offer live video certification of the models before you book them. We do this because we want you to be thrilled with your trade show models and because we know that you will be.

Trade Show, Convention, and Expo Models
Trade Show, Convention, and Expo Models representing Ocean Drive in Miami Beach for Miami Fashion Week

Our promise is simple and tried and true. If you book your trade show models with Model Machine you will have the most attractive, professional and friendly staff at that trade show. One obvious benefit to hiring Model Machine is that the most beautiful trade show models will bring more traffic to your booth than your average “promo” models. A more subtle benefit of using a luxury service like Model Machine over the competition is that people will have another reason to know you are the best at what you do. For many exhibitors , Model Machine is a secret weapon for trade show models.

Beautiful women (and men) are highly persuasive even when they are not speaking. The best part is that our trade show models being the most beautiful is just the start. To become a Model Machine trade show model you must also be elegant, articulate, educated and enthusiastic. Many companies even hire our trade show models to take on high-profile roles within the trade show such hostess, presenting and runway. As a licensed talent agency we have a National database of talent that is unrivaled in the business and is sure to satisfy the most discerning of clientele for whatever your business need may be.


While Model Machine is a luxury service for trade show models we are efficient and economical. If you think beautiful models work for $25.00 per hour then we probably won’t be able to help you. Most companies, however, are pleasantly surprised and pleased at how we are able to deliver top talent time after time, location upon location, for such low prices. There is no magic to hiring the best trade show models. You need to have the right talent agents, a jaw-dropping database of top talent and the right clients with the vision and taste to call us for trade show models.

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