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Give your luxury Brand’s marketing a boost with premium Model Machine’s model staffing services.  Model Machine is the nation’s leading experiential talent and marketing agency. Model Machine talent bring a unique combination of beauty, charm, and professionalism that will get your brand noticed at any event. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a trade show, convention, concert, or promotional event, our models have the talent and experience to thrive in any environment.

The Model Machine Difference

When it comes to model staffing, only top beauty will do. That’s why we hold our models to the highest standards of beauty in the entire industry. All of our models are graded according to their facial structure, complexion, hair quality, and profile, with only the top .01% making the final cut.  But we don’t stop there.

We also screen our models based on personality and business acumen, as well. We do this because we understand the real objective of any marketing campaign – to increase conversions. And that’s exactly what our models will do. Before your event, we make sure that your models are fully-briefed on your brand, marketing strategy, and goals, allowing them to speak knowledgeably with all potential customers. It’s this all-around level of talent that truly resonates with consumers, and will leave a positive impression for a long time to come.

Available in Any City

Thanks to our extensive national database, we can provide premium model staffing services in virtually any city in North America – New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Toronto, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, and so many more.

Our models can fill virtually any role, too. Whether you need a presenter for a corporate event, booth attendants for an expo, product demonstrators for a trade show, or even translators for a private gathering, we have the talent to fit the bill. All you have to do is tell us your needs and we will generate a list of suggestions. You can interview any model you like via phone or video conference, and the final choice is always yours.  It’s this turnkey, comprehensive approach to model staffing that has truly set us apart.  So contact Model Machine today. And experience the difference that premier model staffing can make for your brand.

Promotional Models March Across North America with Guess

If you were an elite brand, and you needed Promotional Models for fifteen different events in thirteen different cities, all on the same day, what would you do? Probably call thirteen different modeling agencies, right? Well, not unless you called Model Machine first.

On August 16th, Model Machine provided world-class promotional models to Guess Brand for their continent-wide ‘Key to Denim’ Factory Event. It was to mark the kick-off of their premium fall line, debuting simultaneously at all the outlet stores across North America. We’re talking about cities all over the map.  Guess required forty-five models in all. Obviously, staffing that many events with that many models over a five thousand mile radius presents some logistical challenges. But it was nothing that Model Machine couldn’t handle. Thanks to our extensive national database (international, really), we not only staffed every event, we even saved our client on travel expenses by providing local promotional models in each city. How well did we do? We’re proud to say that out of forty-five models in fifteen different locations, all forty-five were fully-briefed, on-time, and turned in stellar performances.

The Key to Success

Of course, getting our promotional models to the venues was only the beginning. The Guess ‘Key to Denim’ Factory Event itself was where the real action happened. Decked out in all of Guess’ latest styles, from their fashionable fall jeans to their trendy denim jackets and even a few sexy jumpsuits, our promotional models mingled with guests and helped the stores deal with the excited crowds.  But this year, there was even more excitement than usual, thanks to Guess’ unique ‘Key to Denim’ promotion. Here’s how it worked: everyone who entered the store that day received a key that could potentially open a lockbox containing a free $100 gift card. Our promotional models ran the contest from beginning to end, welcoming guests as they entered the store, distributing the keys, and revealing all the winners throughout the day.

Great Day, Great Rewards

It was an exciting event with tons of buzz and of course, great clothes. We’ve worked with Guess on prior events and are always impressed by the quality of their products and the energy of their crowds. For them, it all comes down to how they treat their customers, which is paramount to us at Model Machine, as well. We’re always proud of the work that we do, but being able to provide world-class experiential marketing services to one of the world’s most distinguished brands – in fifteen different locations on one day – was particularly rewarding. So rewarding, in fact, that the only thing that could top it would be the opportunity to come back next year! 

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