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Fitness Models are fast becoming a valuable marketing tool for leading lifestyle brands. Whether it’s a liquor promotion, car show, fitness expo, or sporting event, using fitness models is a great way to draw attention to your brand and make a lasting impression on consumers. At Model Machine, our fitness models are gorgeous, graceful, and completely professional, with the talent and experience necessary to represent any product or brand. Because they’re not just beautiful fitness models, but highly-skilled brand models.

Fitness Models | MODEL MACHINE | Modeling Agency

Model Machine is a fully-licensed, fully-insured talent agency specializing in providing top brands with world-class fitness models for their events and marketing campaigns. As one of the nation’s leading experiential talent and marketing agencies, we understand the value in appealing to consumers on multiple levels. That’s why we hold all of our fitness models to the highest standards not just for physical attractiveness, but for personality and on-camera presence as well. After all, you don’t just want fitness models to look good. You want them to help sell your product, service, or brand. And no fitness models do that better than ours.

Fitness Models
Fitness Models for Model Machine Experiential in Los Angeles representing Eva Longoria’s Charity, Rally for Kids with Cancer.


Unlike other modeling agencies, Model Machine has an extensive nationwide database that can serve your brand in virtually any city in America. So, even if your brand has two events on the same day in New York and Los Angeles, we can fully staff both of them, with world-class fitness models who’ve been personally selected by you, the client. Our models come from a wide range of dynamic backgrounds, too, and can appeal to almost any demographic. Many of our fitness models are even multilingual and can serve as translators for clients and guests alike. Just tell us your needs, and we will ensure that they are met.

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