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To Model Machine, “Experiential” illustrates a marketing conveyor belt taking great concepts, from creation through activation. Since 2008, Model Machine Experiential has successfully worked with global brands around the United States doing just that. On its way through Model Machine, your experiential marketing campaign receives custom individualized strategy along with rigidly applied best practices. Each step of the experiential timeline, from concept creation to planning and staffing, and activation all the way to best practices, is handled with incremental precision for exponential success.

In marketing, most campaigns appeal to either the emotional or logical side of the consumer. But then there is the rare campaign that aims to address both, connecting with the consumer on a deeper, more comprehensive level. This is experiential marketing. And if executed properly, it can not only increase conversions, but foster a sense of brand loyalty as well. Of course, we live in the age of shrinking attention spans, and connecting with consumers is more difficult than ever. But that’s why experiential marketing techniques are so valuable. When given such a small window, a marketer must make as big an impression as possible. So if you’re looking for a talent agency that can bolster the effect of your campaigns, then consider Model Machine. We’re the only agency with the experiential marketing expertise necessary to maximize your brand’s potential and make the most of your marketing efforts.

As individuals, we rarely experience anything in an emotional or logical vacuum. When considering a new car, for example, our emotional response to images of freedom and status are tempered by logical questions about cost and commitment. Therefore, a marketing campaign that veers too far to the emotional or logical side may leave a consumer open to further consideration. However, a campaign that finds that happy medium, by inspiring both images of luxury and sensibility, is more likely to lead to direct action.

For fastest response please, contact MM Experiential via email at New and existing customers may also call the office at (855) 817-8427 during business hours or request a quote. Models, Photographers, Hair and Makeup and other staff must apply via the website here, due to the high volume of applications.

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