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Hiring Convention Models with Model Machine is a smooth and upscale experience for Multinational companies, various agencies and local companies that demand the top convention models at surprisingly friendly prices. Representing the top 1% of 1% of male and female convention models in North America, Model Machine is a smart and affordable luxury for your business. We offer the opportunity to live video conference with the convention models prior to making your final choices. That way you can rest assured that you have already struck a rapport with your trade show models and feel confident that you booked the best.

Our guarantee is straight-forward and powerful. Hire your convention models with Model Machine and we will guarantee the most beautiful, professional and friendly staff at that convention. It’s no secret that top beauty brings top leads. While average talent is better than no talent, no talent beats the best talent. Hiring the most beautiful convention models tells your consumers, colleagues and competitors that your business has top people, products and services.

A second reason to hire Model Machine for convention models is that being beautiful is just the beginning of what you can expect from our convention models. It is very difficult to become a convention model with Model Machine. In addition to being beautiful you must also be polished, well-spoken, educated and dynamic. Many Brands book our convention models to work as special talent at the convention like hostess, presenting and runway. Model Machine is a licensed and insured talent agency. Our database of National talent is unparalleled in the Industry and passes the highest scrutiny.

A third reason to book your convention models with Model Machine is that you can have the same great selection and service wherever your business takes you in North America. Model Machine claims an unparalleled database of talent in North America. Model Machine prides itself on dozens of Global clients who simply email us a database of conventions around North America and put Model Machine to work booking local talent at affordable prices. That means more time and money in your pocket, less stress and uncertainty and top results when it matters most.


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International Locations:  Toronto, Ontario

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