Miami Promotional Models Unveil The McLaren Showroom at The Collection

Miami Promotional Models Unveil The McLaren Showroom at The Collection

2012 is starting off to be another banner year for our promotional models at The Model Machine.  We couldn’t think of any better way to jump start the New Year than helping our good friends at The Collection with their uber-successful grand opening of their latest and greatest addition to their family – The all new McLaren Showroom.  This sports car is quite possibly the hottest vehicle the road has ever seen, and what could be better than having four of Model Machine’s hottest promotional models along for the ride!  It’s no secret that fast cars and beautiful models have gone together since the combining of the words horse and power.

That is precisely why Promotional Models Unveil The McLaren at The Collection calls up The Model Machine, a leading Miami modeling agency, to book the best car show models and promotional models in the business.  To win the race to the top, call The Model Machine and let our beautiful promotional models deliver you the checkered flag at your next event! Winning!


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