Las Vegas Trade Show Models – Promotional Models – Las Vegas Modeling Agency – ICCE

Las Vegas Trade Show Models – Promotional Models – Las Vegas Modeling Agency – ICCE

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The Model Machine is your top destination for Las Vegas Trade Show Models for ICCE. Contact us for further information on our beautiful trade show models, pricing or availability for your Orlando trade show modeling needs, and let us provide you with the most amazing event models in Las Vegas or in any other city in the USA.

The International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE for short) is one of the most inspirational places to book a booth for literally any company, large or small. Exhibiting at this amazing venue is likely to open doors for your business you’d never considered; this thirty-year veteran of the trade show circuit is bigger than ever and expanding all the time. Join the VIPs, celebrities, designers and industry leaders as the expo kicks off on January 13th 2012 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Events and displays run through January 16th; what’s more, the trade show is co-located with CES for extra appeal.

Feast your eyes on the technology showcased at the trade show and add your voice to the growing number of companies associated with the biggest industry in the world. We’re living in a technological age, so jump on board and bring a few of the most stunning trade show models with you when you do – they’re guaranteed to give you even more exposure and increase the bang for your buck exponentially. Eye-catching event models are top of the list of assets bound to propel your business into the big time, particularly in Las Vegas where competition is stiff; your small investment will make a huge difference and potentially catch the attention of incredible new channel partners and industry contacts.

The Model Machine’s Las Vegas event models are friendly, professional and incredibly good looking; we’re not exaggerating when we say we have the finest trade show models and fashion models on our books. Show your competition who’s boss: the next time you need to hire Las Vegas event models, contact Model Machine at and let us provide you with the ultimate customer service and the absolute best Las Vegas event models for your next trade show.  You’ll leave the rest in the dust and watch your success soar – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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