International Destination Models Seek Temporary Baggage Storage Solutions
Model Machine International destination models seek temporary storage solutions for belongings

International Destination Models Seek Temporary Baggage Storage Solutions

Let’s face it. Traveling with a giant suitcase is hassle. Not to mention it’s very expensive to haul your big suitcase on short trips. Many airlines charge excessive baggage fees to check a large suitcase. Then, you have to worry about the weight limit. It seems like an empty suitcase takes up almost the entire weight limit, resulting in even more unnecessary fees. Sometimes a large suitcase may be necessary for models on long distance travel, especially International flights. After all, models use lots of products and gadgets, just like the rest of them. Beauty is not cheap or easy. For shorter journeys, however, lasting only a couple days, it can be liberating to travel with carry on baggage only. Not to mention, it can be much cheaper, avoiding the airline fees altogether. The question becomes, where do I leave my big suitcase, when I want to take side trips using carry on luggage only. Upon consulting with Model Machine’s models and talent around the World, we have complied some clever hacks on where to leave your big suitcase to help make your travels hassle free.

First, stating the obvious, the easiest solution is to find friends or family where you can leave your large suitcase during your shorter excursions. While this answer is intuitive, it is not practical for all travelers. After all, not everyone knows someone in remote destinations around the World. Even for the World’s most beautiful models, this can be a roadblock to living like in the carry on lane. In many countries, like Japan, for example, space is extremely limited, and comes at a premium. If you do know someone who is willing to temporarily house your luggage, take advantage of this friend and be grateful. Slightly less obvious to some is to store your luggage at a train station or airport locker. Most airports and train stations offer some type of luggage storage but the system is expensive and outdated. Further, many of the storage does not accommodate a larger suitcase or bicycle. It is a terrible feeling indeed to arrive at the station thinking you have a plan for most of your belongings only to realize right before your trip the storage does not accommodate your items.

If you’ve made it this far, let’s assume you are still looking for a place to leave your burdensomely huge suitcase or bicycle while traveling. So here comes the meat and potatoes of this article. One particularly great resource for storing suitcases or personal belongings in Japan is an app called, Ecbo Cloak. A funny name but its serious mission is to “free your belongings.” This Japanese startup and its app quickly pins participating storage vendors on a map. The app includes useful information like vendor reviews, pricing, and company information. Generally, prices start at $6.00 per day for a standard suitcase. For those traveling in the United States, Vertoe is a nearly identical service that stores temporary luggage and belongings starting at $5.95 per item per day. For International travelers, BagBNB, provides identical storage services at a daily rate throughout the World. This Company claims locations in nearly all the countries throughout the World so it will be convenient for most travelers. Some other great perks about BagBNB is that there is no size or weight limit to a suitcase. You have read that correctly. You can bring in the largest and heaviest suitcase in the World for the same low price of $6.00 per day. Plus, they also accept a bicycle for the same low daily price. Remember to keep in mind that the World’s smallest and lightest suitcase will also be $6.00 per day, so be sure to pack wisely. Namely, try and fit your small bag inside the large suitcase. BagBNB guarantees each piece of luggage up to $600.00 per item. While this sounds like a lot, this may not be sufficient for storing expensive items. In that case, one may wish to have a 3rd party insurance, to cover a gap in value between your items and the insured amounts.

For shorter trips, baggage storage services, like BagBNB, are an inexpensive and and convenient solution to free yourself from hauling around unnecessary luggage on casual trips. For a longer trip, however, these baggage fees can really add up. For example if you are planning on leaving a suitcase during a two week vacation, the total cost quickly escalates to $84.00. Add a bicycle or second piece of luggage and the total increases to $168.00. Considering that most pieces of luggage do not cost more than $100.00 at the airport, , there may not be much of a savings to store your luggage at a temporary baggage service, on longer journeys. Plus if you are going to be traveling for a longer period of time, you may wish to have all your belongings with you.

One clever hack to avoiding expensive baggage storage prices, is to leave your items at a hotel in a locked storage room. Nearly all hotels provide this service to future travelers. Notice I write about future travelers. While checking out of a hotel, with no future reservation, a hotel will most likely not store your luggage. On the other hand, if you have a future reservation, even a couple weeks in the future, the hotel will likely be willing to store your items. This holds true even if your reservation is for as short as one night. Often it makes sense to have a night or two of hotel reserved on your return trip to rest up. Factoring the savings from avoiding the baggage storage rental, it may be cheaper to get a hotel for a night or two. At the risk of being sneaky, if you really do not need the future hotel, try and reserve a room with a free cancelation policy. If you leave yourself enough to cancel your hotel and claim your luggage you just hacked a free luggage storage for your trip.


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