Commercial Modeling Agency Poses for Joseph Abboud

Commercial Modeling Agency Poses for Joseph Abboud

Luke and Bekah modeling Joseph Abboud.


A suit makes the man, but not just any suit, and not just any man. Of course, a leading lady to help show off a singular suit makes the occasion just that much better. Model Machine Commercial Modeling Agency is proud to be part of the photo shoot for the newest tuxedo collection from Joseph Abboud. Men worldwide are able to take black tie to a new level with the Joseph Abboud brand.


Model Machine booked two wonderful models for this photo shoot.  Bekah, from our Miami team, flew in to help Luke, from our New York team, show off Joseph’s newest collection.


Bekah prepping for the photo shoot.


Leading Menswear Designer Shoots New Collection


Joseph Abboud is an award winning menswear fashion designer, creating casual and formal collections for all functions in life. His goal is to convey a sense of personality in each piece. He found his love of fashion and design from his mother, who was a seamstress, and also his grandfather who owned the largest collection of menswear stores in Australia. He studied fashion in Sorbonne, Paris, and continues to develop clothing that exudes style intertwined with substance that gives a man confidence. He attributes much of his success to his early beginnings working part-time for Louis Boston.


Models from Commercial Modeling Agency Shows off Tailored Tuxedos


Our commercial model Luke exudes that confidence when wearing Joseph Abboud on and off the camera. Even away from the shoot, or the public’s eye, a Joseph Abboud suit creates the sometimes subtle but complex art of looking and exuding confidence.



Any commercial modeling agency knows that the product looks the best when they are given the chance to reflect their own personality. It is the models job, not just to look good, but to show off the features of the product in question, in this case a tuxedo.


Tuxedo Collection Featured on Professional Models


Joseph Abboud’s tuxedo collection is about sophistication and style. The company and designer are proud to create tailored menswear that displays a sense of artistry and creativity. Whether it’s a classic tuxedo ensemble or something that has a modern edge, our commercial model’s works to convey the sophistication of every piece in the collection to relay how relevant these tuxedos are for men living in today’s culture.


Luke and Bekah modeling the Bentley Tuxedo.


Formal Wear Given a New Update


Just like fine wine, gourmet food, or luxury vehicles, Joseph Abboud understands the need for exquisite style. Therefore, each tuxedo is named after a classic car that suggests the historic style of Cary Grant combined with the contemporary edge of a George Clooney look. These classic modern tuxedos, the Bugatti, the McLaren, and others are as streamlined as a luxury vehicle with the combination of a luxuriant but modern fit.


Luke highlighting the features of the McLaren Tuxedo.

Our commercial modeling agency was careful to choose models that were comfortable in front of the camera and relaxed in formal wear. All of Model Machine’s commercial, promotional, and runway models understand the need to extend the brand and to highlight the features of a product or service. This means they stand tall, but not stiff, look close to but not at the camera, and provide body poses that maximize a frame and minimize a photographer’s job.


The Maybach Tuxedo with Model Machine’s Luke and Bekah.