FAQ’s From Clients

Who Are We?

Model Machine is a fully-licensed, fully-insured talent and marketing agency specializing in providing world-class models to world-class brands. We provide promotional models for trade shows, fashion, private events, print ads, digital media, and more. And with our extensive national database, we can book models in virtually every metropolitan area in the United States, big and small.  Model Machine was founded in 2008. Since then, we’ve staffed nearly three thousand events for many of the world’s leading luxury brands.  Our headquarters are in Miami, Florida, but we have a presence in all major (and many minor) cities across the United States.

What benefits can I expect from hiring promotional models?

Hiring top beauty to represent your brand sends a powerful message. It tells your clients and competition that your brand, products, and people are top-notch, too. Projecting this positive brand image will not just help you get noticed in a crowd, but will stick with the consumer long after – an absolute must if you’re looking to increase conversions.

How expensive is a promotional model?

That all depends on the event location, hours, attire, required experience, and model responsibilities. However, we always work with our clients to find a price reasonable to all. We pride ourselves in offering the highest value for the dollar in the entire industry.

How far in advance should I book?

There’s no exact timeline, however we recommend you book at least 10 weeks in advance of a larger event, and 4 weeks in advance of a smaller event. This allows us to get the best talent while they’re still available. If you’re unsure about your event size, just give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

What kind of experience do your models have?

Our models have excelled across all mediums and in all environments: trade shows, conventions, live events, marketing videos, fashion shows, television, film, and more.

Why are there different rates for certain models?

We rank each of our models based on a five-star system, taking into account experience, past performance, and range of abilities. The higher the ranking, the more in demand these models become. The more in demand, the higher the rate.

How does the booking process work?

First, tell us about your brand, your event, and your goals. Let us know the dates, location, hours, and number of models you think you’ll need. We will then generate a list of suggested candidates from our national database, allowing you to peruse their pictures and past experience. You can choose anyone you like – even those we haven’t recommended. That list is just for your convenience, but you are in no way limited to whom you can choose. And remember: You always make the final selection.

What are your recommendations based on?

Our recommendations are based on how well a particular candidate meets the client’s stated needs. This can be due to past experience, type of look, or skill set, among others.

Can I interview models during the selection process?

Absolutely. We will arrange a phone call or video conference with any model you’d like to interview.

Will your models travel to a job?

Yes. If you’re interested in a model outside the event area, we will contact the model and if he or she agrees, will begin making travel arrangements.

What is our Refund Policy?

Agency must have immediate notice of any problems in order to issue a replacement and or any refund.  If a booked model is unavailable Agency has the right to find a comparable or better substitute a model for Client at no penalty to Agency.  If model is absent for any period of time the cost will be prorated back to Client to the closest 30 minutes and Agency will retain the remaining balance.

What is our Cancelation Policy?

If Client cancels within 48 hours of an event for whatever reason there is no refund and 100% of the total charges will apply. If Client cancels for whatever reason 48 hours to one week prior to the event, 75% of the total charges will apply.  If Client cancels for whatever reason 7 or more calendar days prior to the event Agency will retain deposit paid and no other money.

Do you I have to pay for travel or can you provide local talent?

Model Machine has an extensive national database, with a presence in virtually every metropolitan area. We are most often able to find fantastic candidates in your event area, significantly driving down your final costs.

Will the model be knowledgeable about my brand?

Always. We brief all of our models on your brand, your strategy, and your goals. Please, feel free to send over any information that you feel is important to this preparation. We will be sure to pass it along to the models.

What happens if a model doesn’t show up?

Although this is an extremely rare occurrence, we are prepared for it. Our on-site staff will find you a replacement model immediately.

What if I’m displeased by my models performance, or if they’re just not doing what I ask?

On the day of the event, your model is working for you. Feel free to direct them throughout the event like you would your own employee. However, the best way to avoid such difficulties is to send Model Machine as much information about the model’s responsibilities and expectations before the event. If you feel there is a problem outside your control, please contact Model Machine right away and we will handle it.

How does the payment process work?

We accept all major credit cards, wire transfers and checks. We take a 20% deposit upon booking, and require all final payment to be made.

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