Do you want to work with a National modeling agency with room for lots of growth and responsibility?

Model Machine is on a mission to revolutionize the Modeling Industry.  With our modeling agency and its proprietary technoligy, we are changing the way businesses book models and talent.  

While we are not a VC-backed startup, we are a profitable bootstrapped company that is growing exponentially.

Model Machine seeks amazing people to join our rapidly growing team. We are open to both full-time positions and part time contractor positions.

Interested in working with Model Machine? Please send your resume to

Benefits of working with Model Machine

Working for a fast-growing National modeling agency is a unique opportunity, one we consider a lifestyle decision as opposed to a job. Model Machine positions are challenging, but also come with amazing advantages and fulfillment to meritorious team members.  Model Machine offers:

Remote Work + Flexible Schedule

Working remotely from around the World, Model Machine staff and talent works around the clock 24/7.  Through the latest technology, Model Machine clients, staff, and talent are able to correspond via secured messaging portals from around the World.  The focus is on the quality of work produced and not necessarily the amount of time spent working. Company meetings may be conducted online at times convenient to all.

Core Values

Model Machine is bound by the core values as follows:

  • Model Machine puts people first.
  • Model Machine strives for user success.
  • Model Machine aims to do the right thing every time.
  • Model Machine is detail oriented and success driven.
  • Model Machine labors to simplicity.


  • Model Machine encourages staff and talent to take the time necessary to be happy, balanced, and healthy, and to spend enough time with friends and family.
  • Health Insurance benefits for full-time U.S. employees.
  • Model Machine will reimburse staff for approved training and development materials you will need to promote business.
  • You will have the opportunity to work on challenging and important entertainment matters that can make a difference.
  • Custom Branded laptop at your three year anniversary.
  • Company travel for events is reimbursed.
  • After 1 year with Model Machine full time, mothers and fathers receive paid leave for 90 days.

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